Our approach towards tackling economic issues places paramountcy on the grounded theory. The process involves data collection and analysis as a tool to present comparisons to and gaps in existing economic policies.


We believe in policy making which places emphasis on policy implementation based on ground reality and promotes involvement and participation of citizens on the grassroots level.


Development for us is also a relative factor, rather than just an indicative one. Our modus-operandi remains distinct with an emphasis on rural development which lies on the principles of decentralisation and 'Self-Need, Self-Governance'.


Our belief in Abraham Lincoln's principle of a government 'of the people, by the people, for the people' remains intact and relevant. We believe governance requires to be people- centric as they are the biggest stakeholders of the State and its work and thus decentralisation is a requirement of a healthy democracy.

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India has for centuries been the Vishwaguru and concomitantly been the global locus of culture, economy and knowledge. Until the subjugation of India by the British Raj, India embraced the world's largest and most productive economy. The principles of non-violence and universal brotherhood have been cornerstones of Indian culture and beliefs. After its independence, India embarked on the ambitious task of reviving its glorious past and within no time emerged as one of the world's fastest-growing economies. In recent decades, India has experienced major political, socio-economic, scientific, military and policy transformations through which it showcases its position as a geopolitical and economic giant. The young-demographic of the nation promises sustainable growth and development and capitalizing on the same will allow India to realise its full potential and global ambitions.

The Center of Policy Research and Governance (CPRG), India strongly believes that in the 21st century an India deprived of gainful opportunities, necessary for the flourishing of a young and emergent India, will prove to be an impediment in the development of human capital and preservation of global security. CPRG thus works towards providing gainful opportunities in an effort to promote the involvement of young people in policymaking and politics.

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