Our Team

“From a Circle of Intellectuals to a Public Serving Think Tank”

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Dr. Ramanand
Arjun K. Singh
Research Assistant
Gargi Yadav
Research Assistant
Raksheta Raman
Research Assistant
Prerna Pawar
Research Assistant

Visiting Fellow

Dr. Aditya Patel
Assistant Director, Armament Research Board, Defence Research and Development Organisation
Dr. Bhaskar Kr. Kakati
Visiting Fellow
Mr. Chirayu Thakkar
Ph.D. Candidate, King’s College London and National University Singapore
Dr. Disha Sharma
Air Pollution Expert, UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
Dr. Mrinal Mishra
Assistant Professor (Senior Lecturer), University of Melbourne
Dr. Neha Sinha
Assistant Professor, Ambedkar University
Dr. Nityananad Agasti
Assistant Professor, University of Delhi
Dr. Omkar Joshi
External Faculty Affiliate, Maryland Population Research Center, University of Maryland
Mr. Pranav Gupta
Ph.D. Candidate, University of California, Berkeley
Dr. Rouhin Deb
Chief Economist, Chief Minister’s Secretariat, Government of Assam
Mr. Vipul Dixit
Ph.D. Candidate, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
Dr. Vikas Pandey
Scientist, National Institute of Natural Sciences, Japan

Advisory Board

Mr. Bimal Julka
Prof. P K Joshi
Prof. Badri Narayan
Prof. Milind Marathe
Prof. Chand Kiran Saluja
Prof. Payal Maago