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CPRG launched its first edition of the CPRG-Indian Knowledge System (IKS) Research Grant in March 2022 in association with the Indic Academy. The IKS research grant was created to assist early career researchers for their research with grants upto one lakh rupees in scholarships.

The grant was established to advance traditional Indian concepts, emphasizing their preservation and relevance within contemporary contexts. It was open to National and International students.

The provided research themes of Indian value systems and India’s encounter with modernity served as guidelines for direction; nonetheless, applications were encouraged relevant to the field of Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS), extending beyond the specified topics. The eligibility criteria included Master, Doctoral and Postdoctoral candidates, with the Masters students showing potential for research work being given a higher weightage. The available funds ranged from 15,000 to 1,000,000 for Indian university students and $300 to $1500 for international students. The funds covered fieldwork, archival research, acquisition of primary resources such as manuscripts, research assistance, and other activities. A complete application required a research proposal, CV, writing sample, and recommendation letter.

The CPRG-Indian Knowledge System (IKS) Research Grant, 2022 received more than 200 applications. Students and researchers from institutions like TU Wien, IIT Bombay, the University of British Columbia, and IIT Gandhinagar were selected for the first round.

International Conference on Indian Knowledge System

CPRG hosted an International Conference on Indian Knowledge System in association with the Indian Council on Social Science Research and Indic Academy on 24th- 25th June 2023. The Conference was a platform for researchers to exchange ideas and discuss the contemporary developments in the Indian Knowledge Systems. It aimed to foster collaboration and interdisciplinary dialogue among scholars to deepen their understanding of Indian knowledge and culture.

Applications were sought for themes centered on Indian knowledge systems encompassing Indian art and literature, India and modernity, the intersection of Indian knowledge systems and sustainability, and contemporary dialogues between Indian value systems and social sciences. Applications were invited from postgraduate, doctoral candidates and early career researchers.

The guest of honour at the conference was Prof. Dhananjay Singh, Member Secretary, ICSSR. The organisation received approximately 200 applications out of which 18 applicants were shortlisted and invited to present their research. Participants from both Indian and global universities, including IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, Jawaharlal Nehru University, University of Delhi, Tufts University, University of British Columbia, and University of North Texas, were in attendance.