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The Indian Knowledge System (IKS) is a methodical transmission of knowledge from one generation to the next. It is a well-structured system and process of knowledge transfer, rather than just a tradition. The Vedic literature – Upanishads, Vedas, and Upvedas are all part of the Indian Knowledge System.

CPRG launched its first edition of the CPRG-Indian Knowledge System (IKS) Research Grant in March 2022. The IKS research award was created to assist postgraduate and doctoral students with their research by granting up to one lakh rupees in scholarships. Researchers working on relevant humanities and social sciences themes related to the Indian Knowledge System (IKS) were invited to apply. The grant was established with the goal of promoting traditional Indian ideas and emphasising their preservation while also spreading their relevance in a modern context. The Grant was open to all National as well as International students.

The proposed research theme of the Indian Value System and India and Modernity covered a wide range of topics, including Vedic and non-Vedic science, history, flora and fauna, and many others. The eligibility criteria were to include Master, Doctoral and Postdoctoral candidates, with the Masters students showing potential for research work being given a higher weightage. The available funds ranged from 15,000 to 1,000,000 for Indian university students and $300 to $1500 for international students. The funds would cover fieldwork, archival research, acquisition of primary resources such as manuscripts, research assistance, and other activities. The application deadline was April 21, 2022, but students with valid reasons were accepted on a rolling basis. A complete application required a research proposal, CV, writing sample, and recommendation letter.

The CPRG-Indian Knowledge System (IKS) Research Grant, 2022 received more than 200 applications. Students and researchers from institutions like TU Wien, IIT Bombay, the University of British Columbia, and IIT Gandhinagar were chosen as researchers for the first round of the IKS grant in 2022.