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Constitutional Morality: Not Only Domain of Judiciary

Is constitution morality being practised in political... more

October 4, 2022

Indian Civil Aviation Industry: Development and Growth

Talks about the Indian Civil Aviation Industry, its development and growth in industry and what it brings to the financial... more

July 21, 2022

I2U2 – New Formations for better Growth

Stands for India, Israel, UAE, and the USA. In October 2021, a meeting of the foreign ministers of the four member countries to disucss security issues as well as need for humanitarian... more

July 20, 2022

Pertinence of the Indo-Pacific for India

The Indo-Pacific area is currently experiencing severe irritants that are destabilizing the region’s geopolitical climate. To ensure that all nations have equitable access to global commons as a... more

July 18, 2022

Coal Crisis in India: Causes and Ramifications

The current coal crisis in India stands as a testimony to the fact that the world needs to act responsibly in the use of this precious yet non-renewable resource of... more

July 16, 2022

Behavioural Economics in the Domain of Public Policy

This theory expects that individuals, given their preferences and constraints, can go with judicious decisions by successfully focusing on the costs and benefits of every choice accessible to them.... more

July 15, 2022