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Neglecting Mental Health: A Call for Integration in National Health Policy

The World Health Organisation defines health as considerably more than the lack of disease.Several factors influence a person's health, including their lifestyle, the quality of their personal and... more

August 8, 2023

Building A Case for Youth Mental Health Policy in India

Burnout, stress, anxiety, depression are all words that gained rapid presence during the pandemic. Widespread death and illness was supplemented by forced isolations, closure of schools and colleges,... more

August 8, 2023

Economic Consequences of Populist Demands

In an interview with a media house, Arvind Panagriya, said that a poll promise is a ‘fair game’ if it is a one-time sop and does ‘not create long term liability’ for the next government, the... more

April 26, 2023

Make Agriculture Aspirational Again

While the recent poll promise is a novel freebie promise, it also reflects a myopic outlook of what could be done to protect India’s ailing agriculture... more

April 26, 2023

Constitutional Morality: Not Only Domain of Judiciary

The recent series of landmark judgments given by the Supreme Court before Chief Justice Dipak Misra retired had the common theme of constitutional morality running through all of them. It has become... more

October 4, 2022

Indian Civil Aviation Industry: Development and Growth

Talks about the Indian Civil Aviation Industry, its development and growth in industry and what it brings to the financial... more

July 21, 2022