“From a Circle of Intellectuals to a Public Serving Think Tank”

CPRG India > Vision/Mission

CPRG strives to

  • Shape public consensus through credible well-researched analysis of key policy challenges: CPRG produces independent, well-researched, and credible analysis of policy challenges to nurture well-informed public involvement in India’s policy ecosystem. At the same time, its publications and projects help influence and form key legislations and policies.It emphasizes on policy implementation based on ground reality and promotes involvement and participation of citizens on the grassroots level.
  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of initiatives and programmes: CPRG believes in holding the stakeholders of the policy process accountable for the successful implementation of their projects and evaluating their societal impact. With many initiatives aimed at conducting robust research into the efficacy of those projects and developing new ideas and designs for their improvement, CPRG actively works towards transforming the policy process to achieve the ideals of good governance.
  • Provide expert inputs to stakeholders in the policy ecosystem: CPRG actively collaborates with policy stakeholders at all levels, from NGOs working at the grassroots to Universities and government bodies, for formulation and implementation of policies. CPRG also provides inputs and advisory support to elected officials, government committees and commissions, and non-governmental organizations working on bridging the policy gaps in the society.
  • Build the next generation of leaders: CPRG believes that India is poised to be the leader of the global knowledge age and an indispensable stakeholder in meaningful global conversations, apart from setting its own long-term trajectory of a dynamic domestic policy process. CPRG thus works towards providing gainful opportunities in an effort to promote the involvement of young people in policymaking and politics to prepare India for its rightful position on the global stage.