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Education is a fundamental human right that is essential for the exercise of all other human rights, and it promotes individual freedom and empowerment that yields fruitful development benefits for society as a whole. The groundwork for a better society lies in education as it is the most powerful catalyst for social transformation. Education empowers an individual to earn their livelihood and also increases one’s awareness of a range of issues. The education policy must include three very important aspects:

Incorporating techniques to be in sync with the worldwide trends;
Effective skill training to boost employability;
Effective implementation of technology to improve teaching-learning processes.

The education policy should emphasize holistically imparting knowledge, through a wide range of techniques, mediums of instruction, etc. CPRG has collaborated with organizations working in the education sector to further the cause of promoting quality education and has conducted in-depth research in the arenas pertaining to education and related policies.


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