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“From a Circle of Intellectuals to a Public Serving Think Tank”

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Center of Policy Research and Governance is a research organization of inquisitive minds from all walks of life with a high level of experience in political and socio-economic fields, dedicated to addressing and solving a wide range of policy issues. CPRG has been striving hard to propose lucrative solutions to the discussions related to policy affairs. The think-tank is involved in analyzing and formulating policies in its areas of focus: Education, Economics, Regional Development, Training and Governance, Social, Security and International Relations, and Science and Technology.

In collaboration with the Central government, several State Governments, as well as reputed Institutions and Commissions, CPRG works towards providing gainful opportunities to nurture curious minds with an effort to promote the involvement of young people in policymaking and politics so as to improve policy and decision-making through research and analysis. It connects a number of thinkers and professionals from different spheres of life to conduct in-depth research on a wide spectrum of policy-related areas.