Certificate Course on Sustainability and Climate Policy

The tremendous pace of global growth and development has created grave environmental challenges that require immediate attention. Actionable policies rooted in scientific and social understanding of issues can guide plausible mitigation strategies for a sustainable future. Policy research concerning the environment involves multiple stakeholders including national and sub-national governments, industry associations, international agencies, academia, and people affected by policy issues.

The "Certificate Course on Sustainability and Climate Policy”, is designed to acquaint learners with important topics spanning current and historical aspects of environmental concerns and their mitigation using policy solutions. Policymakers and those involved directly or indirectly in the process of environmental policy formulation share their experiences and challenges in designing a successful policy.

Learners gain insights into the interdisciplinary approaches in theoretical practices and diverse modalities used for addressing global, regional, and local environmental problems using policy instruments.

Our Core Tenets


Understanding International Agreements and Commitments aimed at achieving global sustainability and climate resilience.


Exploring the integration of environmental, social, and governance factors in policymaking, considering challenges and opportunities in this holistic approach.


Analyzing successful policies and solutions that address environmental challenges at both local and global levels, emphasizing practical solutions and lessons learned.


Spanning 6 weekends, the course offers learners the flexibility to balance their commitments. Typically conducted on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings, the sessions are designed to accommodate diverse schedules. Participants are expected to dedicate 3-4 hours in a week.

Areas of Study


Global Climate Governance


Sustainable Practices


Holistic Environmental Solutions


The course assessment serves as a valuable juncture for learners to pause, reflect, and enhance their grasp of the concepts explored during the sessions. Our mentors will diligently review submitted assignments, offering practical feedback to aid learners on their path.


We welcome learners from diverse academic backgrounds and aim to provide a comprehensive learning experience that caters to individuals with varying levels of prior knowledge and expertise. We expect our candidates to have either completed or are currently pursuing an undergraduate degree.

Course Fees

The tuition fee for the course
is Rs. 8,000/- (all inclusive).


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Email Id: academy@cprgindia.org