Policy and Governance Immersion Programme (PGIP)

Envisioned as an online summer educational experience, PGIP brings passionate high school students together to embrace interdisciplinary approaches in understanding public policy and democracy in India. Further, learners will explore processes and systems of public policy through core themes of social justice, sustainable development, inclusive policy design, and global citizenship. Furthermore, learners will obtain real-world exposure from domain experts and practitioners.

Importantly, PGIP aims to democratise access to public policy education, empowering students with the tools to tackle pressing issues and contribute meaningfully to societal progress. It nurtures an inclusive space for youth voices engaged in fresh problem-solving approaches for both longstanding and emerging societal challenges.

Overall, PGIP enables learners to deeply engage with ideas of policy-making and governance, while building contextual awareness of the forces at play.

PGIP represents a stepping stone for high school students, supporting pathways in social sciences, public policy, and beyond!

Course Fees

Rs. 18,000 /- (all inclusive).
Need-based aid available


Saturday, June 01, 2024 to
Saturday, June 15, 2024 (tentative)



School students currently
enrolled in grade 9th to 12th

Why Join PGIP?

  • Gain exposure to public policy and governance through learner-driven conversations in a small cohort.
  • Rigorously engage with advanced concepts from various social sciences disciplines such as Political Science, Sociology, and Economics.
  • Develop and polish the core skills of research, lateral thinking, systems thinking, and communications.
  • Sharpen leadership abilities by exploring the use of evidence and data in decision-making in complex situations.
  • Undergo carefully curated experiences to make informed decisions about higher education and career pathways.