• CPRG-Indian Knowledge
    System Research Grants

Research Themes

The following research themes are outlined for the purpose of direction. However, we invite applications pertinent to the broader theme of IKS even beyond the topics mentioned here.

Indian value systems

Research within humanities focusing on religious studies and allied/intersecting disciplines such as the study of philosophy, ethics, yoga, grammar, language and linguistics, classics, religion and science (Vedic/non-Vedic), sampradayas, intellectual history, poetics, early and medieval historiography, philology, flora and fauna, astrology and astronomy, cognitive studies, Gandhian studies, among others.

India and Modernity

Research focusing on the intersection between Indian value systems and Social Sciences in modern-day including the disciplines of sociology (caste & other social identities), political science, international relations (historical and contemporary), anthropology and diaspora studies, law and jurisprudence, economics, environment, gender studies, corporate ethics, among others.


Students or researchers should be affiliated with recognized universities at postgraduate level or above and must have good academic standing.

Preference would be given to projects with the viability of publication.

Preference would be given to those who have secured primary grants from elsewhere and want to use the CPRG-IKS grant to supplement them.

For doctoral students, preference would be given to those at advanced stages of their degree.

For master’s students, preference would be given to those who can demonstrate potential for further academic research.