CPRG-IKS Research Grant 2022

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CPRG initiated its inaugural edition of the CPRG- Indian Knowledge System Research Grant in March. The grant aims to support graduate students and early career researchers working on pertinent themes in Humanities and Social Sciences related to Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS). Applications were invited from postgraduate and doctoral students as well as postdoctoral researchers for a grant of up to One lakh for the selected candidates.

Objective of the research grant- The aim of the research grant is to promote research into traditional Indian ideas and emphasizing on their preservation along with propagation of relevance in modern context.

About the research Grant – The research grant is open to all students from India and abroad enrolled in higher education at institutes within or beyond Indian borders. The suggested (not exhaustive or restrictive in any manner) research themes were Indian Value Systems and India and Modernity. The themes though not restrictive in nature, provide a vast majority of topics that can be covered- ranging from Vedic and non-Vedic sciences, sampradayas, intellectual history, poetics, early and medieval historiography, philology, flora and fauna, astrology and astronomy, cognitive studies, Gandhian studies under Indian value systems to topics like sociology (caste & other social identities), political science, international relations (historical and contemporary), anthropology and diaspora studies, law and jurisprudence, economics, environment, gender studies, corporate ethics under the theme of India and modernity.

The eligible people include masters, doctoral and postdoctoral candidates, with the masters students showing a potential for research work being given a higher weightage.

The funds available range from 15,000 rupees to 1,00,000 rupees for Indian university students and $300 to $1500 for students in institutions abroad. In either case, the pecuniary benefits would be disbursed into an Indian bank account. The funds would cover fieldwork, archival research, acquisition of primary resources (like manuscripts and reprography), research assistance or other research activities.

The deadline for application is set at 21st of April 2022, however with flexibility accorded to appropriate reason, the applications can also be accepted on a rolling basis. To make a complete application, a research proposal, CV of all contributing researchers, writing sample and recommendation letter would be required along with quotations and award letters wherever deemed necessary.

Specifications of all the documents are as follows:

  • 2-3 page research proposal (script size 12) containing the objective of research, methodology and contribution to the Indian Knowledge Systems. This proposal has to contain a justification for usage of resources.
  • CV of all contributing researchers with maximum length of 2 pages
  • Original and single authored writing sample (published or unpublished) should also be attached with maximum length being 20 pages.
  • A quotation is also required if primary sources are to be used (like manuscripts)
  • If primary grants are from another source, letter of award or email confirmation would also be required.

Any further details or questions could be addressed to or