Economic Policy

CPRG India studies economic issues but its approach is different as it more believes on grounded theory. We collect data from the field and then we compare with existing policy of governments.

Social Policy

CPRG India studies the implication of social policies of the government. How much social policies of the government are effectives and how it can be improved with right feedback of people.

Regional Development

For CPRG India, Development is not a constant term, for us it is relative term which we need to see from different-different instead of seeing from Delhi only. The developments of villages are needed but development should be happened according to need of them not by desire of others.


For us, Governance is not bureaucratic term, it is structure which come in existence for the people. So any system should deal people and system should be run for people. People should not run for running system. Governance should able to cater the need of people that’s why it is needed feedback of the people. CPRG India try highlights the governance issues at different level so it can be used properly.

Our Vision

To improve lives of the common citizen by creating spaces and well informed voices in the continuous and contemporary discourse of public welfare. The Centre with its independent thinking, envision to create a society where the individuals and the community has the knowledge and means for acquiring the desired goals for their all-round development.

Our Researches

Currently, we are working on a project, in which we are collecting the voices of marginalized people so we can know the experiences of downturn people. In this project, we are just trying to know whether the experiences of the marginalized section are monotones or they have some diversity.

About Us

We are the group of some young and experienced people who want to engage with field from people’s perspective. Our focus is field, we want intervene in policy issue with field data.



Our philosophy is to improve life of downturn sections of the society.



To spread the power of the last men in our society.



We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world.


Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.





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Our Team

cooperate, server, communicate, unite, understand, respect, share, enlist, join, spread

Sunil Ambekar


Prof. Milind Marathe


Dr. Chand Kiran Saluja


Ramanand Pandey


Prof. Aswini Mohapatra


Dr. Payal Maggo


Mangal Jakhar

Working Group Member

Prakhar Jain

Working Group Member

Arjun Sanyal

Working Group Member

Vipul Dixit

Working Group Member

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